Founded by a group of top mortgage industry professionals, Canadian-owned and operated Radius Financial (formerly myNext Mortgage Company) is a next-generation mortgage lender that combines the best of experience and innovation. The company is focused on delivering products that meet the diverse and changing mortgage needs of Canadians, and is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.

Radius Financial is an approved lender with the largest Canadian mortgage insurers – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), and Genworth Financial. Our approved lender status allows us to offer products that meet a broad range of mortgage needs. There are many reasons our customers prefer a Radius mortgage, including:

  • No branch network so we pass the savings on to you;
  • Competitive mortgage products;
  • Flexible pre-payment options;
  • Flexible payment options;
  • Mortgage may be transferred to a new property or assumed by new purchasers upon qualification;
  • Competitive pay out privileges;
  • Competitive renewals for customers in good payment standing.

Radius Financial is committed to ensuring that more Canadians can achieve the dream of homeownership and financial security.

Our distribution

At Radius Financial, we believe that every homeowner should discuss their situation with a professional mortgage planner. A mortgage is one of the biggest decisions Canadians will make, and good advice can mean significant savings and wealth creation over the long term. That's why Radius has carefully selected the mortgage brokers that are eligible to distribute our products. Those selected do an exceptional job of matching Radius mortgage products with the needs of their customers.